Saturday, February 17, 2018

[ Driver Profile ]

Name  Ji-Yeon Jang
Address  Jeju, Republic of Korea
Emphasis  Friendly, Kind, Safety

I'm sorry but I could speak only basic English.Although my english is not so good, but i'll do my best for your trip. I hope looking forward to seeing you soon. Thanks a lot. 

* Overseas : +82-10-6558-1267 ( by WhatsApp )
* Cellphone : 010-6558-1267 ( in Korea ) 
*  WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, Facebook, Messenger, KakaoTalk
* ID: jjy25568 

[ About a car ]
driver of them has more than 25 years of
driving experience with no accidents. Although most of the driver can’t speak Mandarin but they do know Korean and simply english. Even if is like that, they will try their best to give their customer the best service that they can and let their customer enjoy the real beauty of Jeju

[Select 1]   Size: Normal / Passenger:1-4 pax     


[Select 2]   Size: VAN TAXI/ Passenger:5 ~11 pax     

[Select 3]   Size:DELUXE JUMBO TAXI 12 pax / Passenger:11-12 pax